1. Blasting Pot

A Blasting Pot is a purposely designed to hold abrasive Media in removing surface contaminants such as rust, mill scale, dust, and other materials present on Steel or Concrete surfaces. When a Blasting Pot is added to an existing compressed air systems, it allows an Operator to be able to remove hard, tightly adhering contaminants on steel or concrete.

We can supply various sizes of Steel Blasting Pots from 100-Lbs; 300-Lbs; and the Standard 600-Lb Blasting Pot used by many Industries as well as Blasting Contractors.




2. Sandblast Hoses & Nozzles

We supply high quality, heavy duty Sandblast Hoses that are tough, and Scratch free used in industrial blasting media to facilitate Operator Work and reduce operator exhaustion. Our Sandblast Hoses are typically use by Shipyards, blasting storage tanks, blasting sheds, and Contractors  blasting steel structures as well as Concrete surfaces. 






3. Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment

TUBLAST 3″ – 12″

The Tublast Internal Pipe Cleaner is designed to clean pipe with internal diameters ranging from 3” to 12”. The unit is attached to the end of a pipe lance connected to the blast hose leading from the blast machine. Once the Tublast is positioned within the pipe, the blast hose is pressurized and blasting begins. As the unit is manually directed through the pipe, high velocity abrasive deflects off the tungsten carbide deflector in a 360o cleaning pattern. As the unit passes through the pipe, spent abrasive and contaminates are exhausted by the air out the forward pipe opening. To stop the Tublast, the blast machine is shut down and depressurized.



4. Internal Pipe Painting Equipment


The Hollow Spray is designed to apply paint coating to the pipe internal, diameter ranging from 3” to 12”.  The unit is attached to the end of a pipe lance connected to the high pressure paint hose leading from a spray pump.  Once the Hollow Spray is positioned within the pipe and the paint flow is regulated, the spray gun is triggered to begin the paint flow.  Release spray gun trigger and shut off air supply to rotating head when tool is removed from the pipe.