What is Waterproofing?

          Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Such items may be used in wet environments or under water to specified depths


Kryton Waterproofing

What is Kryton?  

          Kryton Waterproofing is a crystalline Integral Waterproofing System that are HYDROPHILIC in nature that once used on Concrete will protect the structures the entire life of the concrete.

          Kryton’s Krystol Concrete waterproofing products are either added directly to the Concrete Mix or applied to the Concrete Surface.   Once added, Krystol chemically reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form in-soluble needle-shaped crystals.   These crystals fill capillary pores and micro-cracks iin the concrete to block pathways for water and waterborne contaminates.   Krystol will continue to give the concrete structure a self-sealing ability.  If water is re-introduced through a rise in hydrostatic pressure or through hairline cracks, Krystol will initiate further crystallization to ensure permanent waterproof protection.   

           Kryton’s innovative range of Krystol concrete waterproofing products will help you build quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness directly into the concrete.    Krystol waterproofing systems create completely 100% watertight con-crete structures that are self-sealing and able to withstand hydrostatic pressure for the life of your structure.  Krystol Technology can save you money in reduced labor and maintenance costs, leaving you with a durable and resilient structures for the long-term.


Kryton Waterproofing Products?


1.    New Construction


     Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) is a hydrophilic crystalline is used to create permanently waterproof concrete. KIM lowers the permeability of concrete and is used in place of externally applied waterproofing membranes.  By stopping the transmission of water through concrete, KIM adds durability and longevity to concrete by protecting it against chemical corrosion of reinforcing steel.   

Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM)       

         When added to concrete, Krystol chemically reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form insoluble needle-shaped crystals that fill capillary pores and micro-cracks in the concrete and block the pathways for water and waterborne contaminants.  Any moisture introduced over the lifespan of the concrete will initiate crystallization, ensuring permanent waterproofing protection even for extreme hydrostatic pressure Areas.

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    b.   Construction Joints

         Krystol Construction Joints are the most versatile System on the market and is used to permanently waterproof concrete construction Joints, tie-holes, and control joints.  Using this system in conjunction with Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) provides a complete, fully integrated concrete waterproofing system for the Life of your concrete structure.

         The Krystol Waterstop System creates completely watertight concrete down to the last detail and routinely working where other waterstops system fail.


2.    Existing Concrete

    a.   Leak Repair System

The Krystol Leak Repair System is a permanent crystalline waterproofing solution used for repairing leaking cracks, holes and joints found in concrete.   It reliably stops high water flow, even under high hydrostatic pressure and outperforms injection systems.   Repairing leaks is a simple process that involves preparing a chase by chiselling into the concrete, stop flowing water with Krystol Plug, and then filling the

chase flush to the surface with Krystol Repair GroutAfter completing the leak repair, the Krystol T1 & T2 Waterproofing System will protect the entire concrete structure against the continued ingress of water and further concrete deterioration, as well as reduce the likelihood of further leaks developing in the structure.



    a.   T1 / T2  Surface-applied Permanent Waterproofing

         Krystol T1 & T2 Waterproofing System is a surface-applied crystalline slurry treatment that transform new or existing concrete into a permanent waterproof barrier.

         Krystol T1 & T2 Waterproofing System lowers the permeability of concrete and protect against the ingress of water and waterborne chemicals.  It replaces the need for surface applied waterproofing membranes, and is often used in the remediation of failed membranes.